Genesis Sneeze Protector is a subsidiary of Genesis Anti-Jump Barriers.  We have been protecting the most valuable asset of our customers…their people for over 13 years.

We are proudly Australian owned, and our sneeze guard products are manufactured in-house for quality control, speed to market and competitive pricing.  Our long-term experience in protecting people means that pivoting to sneeze screens to protect your staff from COVID-19 is a natural fit.

Created by our qualified Industrial Design team our screens are designed with purpose and people at the core of all our products.

We have had an enormous reaction from the sneeze screen market and are receiving very encouraging feedback from our valued customers that have placed their trust in us to help them re-open and re-build their businesses with confidence.

Our screens are made from shatter-proof polycarbonate unlike inferior acrylic and plexiglass substitutes currently on the market which crack, becoming very dangerous to both staff and customers.

We also provide custom solutions for larger rollout quantities of 50 or more.